Winelands Backpackers Travel Guide



Take in the graceful architecture and rolling vineyards nestling amid the soaring mountains of Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and Wellington.

What to see and do

  • Wine tasting

    Wine estates preserve traditions from the 17th century and offer wine tasting and cellar tours. Each estate is as unique as the taste of their wines. Most offer tastings from as little as R10 and refund this if you buy a bottle. Some estates also offer cheese and chocolate tastings or have restaurant and picnic facilities. Elect a designated driver or take a tour.

  • Hiking in the vineyards

    The Vineyard Hiking Trail winds through forest plantations, vineyards and olive groves. A 10km hike on Delvera farm ends with sweeping views of False Bay, Table Mountain and the Winelands.

  • A basic guide to wine tasting

    Experts will tell you that wine tasting is not the same as wine drinking? If you follow this simple guide, you may not become an expert, but at least you’ll look like one.
    • Colour: Take a good look at it and think beyond simple red and white.
    • Opacity: Tilt your glass and swirl gently. Is the wine clear or cloudy?
    • Smell: Swirl it again, take a quick sniff. Stick your nose in the glass smell again.
    • First taste: Take a small sip and roll it around your tongue.
    • Swirling: Let some air in your mouth and allow it to mingle with your wine.
    • Taste: Reds often have berry or woody flavours while whites taste of flowers or citrus.
    • Finish: Spit or swallow? How long does the flavour last?


    StellenboschThis historic town with its oak-shaded streets is a cultural haven. Its galleries and museums house important art collections. Fortunately, Stellenbosch is rescued from stuffiness by the university and its boisterous students who inject some youthful zest in the place. There are inexpensive student pubs, restaurants and busy pavement cafés.

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    DurbanvilleDurbanville, one of South Africa’s fastest growing towns, offers quick and easy access to both Cape Town city centre and the other Wineland towns via two main highways. The vineyards here are some of the first established in the Cape, and Durbanville wine estates produce renowned Sauvignon Blancs. It is an industrious town full of talents from Photographers, artists, potters to, of course winemakers

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    Gordon’s Bay

    Gordon's BayGordon’s Bay is part of the Helderberg Basin, so named for the mountains that offer a dramatic backdrop to the seaside town. There are two beaches worth mentioning here; Main Beach which has Blue Flag status and the smaller Bikini Beach which is protected from the wind. Kogel Bay, with its caves, rock formations and surf spots is a short drive away.

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