West Coast & Cederberg

West Coast and Cederberg

Venture out on the N7 and discover simple pleasures. Life on the West Coast is as uncomplicated as the locals white houses. And most locals are the salt of the earth themselves. The ocean nourishes them with fish, lobster and mussels. And in summer, the fields explode into colour to please them. You won’t be the only visitors to this coastline either. Dolphins and whales make this coastline their home for much of the year. Further north and inland, one ventures into the rugged wilderness of the Cederberg.


Cederberg - Maltese Cross

A rugged wilderness, Cederberg has spectacular sandstone formations - cracks, arches, caves and the well-known Maltese Cross. There are hiking trails for all levels of fitness. Animals you would be most likely to meet on your hike are baboons, dassies and some smaller buck. The Cederberg also has a rich collection of San rock art.

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Paternoster is a simple fishing village ideal for escaping the bustle of the city.The Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, just 5km away, covers a rocky stretch of coastline. Huge boulders crouch around little bays. In spring the area is covered in a bright tapestry of wild flowers. Visit the lighthouse which stands at 80m above sea level rising from Castle Rock. Whales and dolphins visit this coastline for ten months of the year.

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Saldanha is on the northern corner of a large natural bay. It is conveniently located close to the Cape Columbine and Postberg Nature Reserves, the West Coast Fossil Park and the West Coast National Park. Saldanha is popular for watersports of which diving is the most popular.

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