Route 62

Route 62

Route 62Route 62 is a pleasant and shorter alternative to the N2 between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. It winds through the fertile valleys of the Klein Karoo, sheltered by the rugged Outeniqua-Place of honey-, Langeberg and Swartberg Mountains. This route is also where the fabled Union Dale ghost is believed to exist; a woman who died in 1968 in a motor car accident. Motorists offer her a lift only to discover later that she has vanished *cue creepy music*. The Cango Caves which are the biggest stalagmite formations in the world, Ostrich farms, wine estates and beautiful mountain passes are all on this route.

What to see and do


  • Mountain Passes

    Awesome. Swartberg Pass from Oudtshoorn to Prince Alfred. Prince Alfred’s Pass from Uniondale to the Garden Route. Cogman’s Pass from Montagu to Ashton. Fill up the petrol tank and drive.

  • The Uniondale Ghost

    Motorists stop to offer a lift to a young woman at the roadside only to discover later that the woman has vanished. She is believed to be the ghost of a woman killed in a car accident in 1968.

  • Soekershof Walkabout

    You can wander for at least 45 minutes in the world’s largest hedge maze before finding a way out or being rescued. Between Robertson and Ashton.

  • Wines and ports

    Calitzdorp and Robertson are famous for their Shiraz. Calitzdorp also produces good desert wines and Robertson good whites.

  • Ostrich Show Farms

    Head out to Oudtshoorn to ride these large flightless birds, stand on their eggs or watch a hatching.

  • Cango Caves

    The biggest stalagmite formations in the world. Go for subterranean walks in the extensive branching caves.

  • Robertson

    RobertsonRobertson is a fertile valley town along the Breede River that enjoys the best of wine, horses, fruit and fresh country air. Robertson wineries are famous for their Shiraz and also produce good white wines. Robertson Backpackers arranges both wine tours and rafting trips on the Breede River. The town is also accessible to sever¬al hiking trails in the Langeberg Mountains. But if you’re after something more sedate, find your Zen in the mazes and cactus gardens of the Soekershof Walkabout.

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    OudtshoornThe ostrich farming capital of the world and also home to the very famous Cango caves. The caves  are natural limestone formations that used to be underwater passageways. The Lara Croft or Indiana Jones in you will love exploring in them.  Originally this town was an ostrich farming town which is a trade that is still very much present today, if you want anything made from any part of an ostrich then Oudtshoorn your uncle. It is also home to a cheetah Conservancy and a meerkat research project. Do not miss the adventure of riding on an ostrich or even standing on one of their eggs!

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    UniondaleA quaint farming town, sadly known more for its ghost than for its charm. The fabled Union Dale ghost is believed to exist in here; a woman who died in 1968 in a motor car accident. Motorists offer her a lift only to discover later that she has vanished *cue creepy music*. Quirky locals have some interesting alternative remedies.

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