Northern Cape

Northern Cape

Northern Cape

The vast Northern Cape is made up of the semi-arid Karoo and the Kalahari Desert. The region beyond is dry and sparsely populated. The river plummets into a ravine to create the Augrabies Falls. Hiking, mountain biking and canoeing are offered in convenient eco-packages in this alien landscape.

During spring the Namaqualand boasts the prettiest flower show in the world. The first rains are a kiss of life in this barren landscape and the Namaqualand daisies bloom into a spectacle of colour. The flowers bloom between August and October.

What to see and do

  • Namaqualand daisies

    Spring rains are a kiss of life and fields of wild flowers bloom into a spectacle of colour.The flowers bloom between August and October.

  • The Big Hole and the Mining Museum

    The biggest hand-dug excavation in the world is found in Kimberley. The museum transports people to the diamond-digging days of 100 years ago.

  • Augrabies Falls National Park

    Augrabies Falls is formed by the Orange River thundering 56m into a ravine before winding 18km through a gorge. The Khoi people called it ‘Aukoerebis’ or place of great noise.  A few places you can visit in the park are; the Falls, moon rock, Ararat, Arrow Point, Echo corner and you can also go hiking, do a mountain bike ride, canoe as well go on an eco- package tour deal.  This alien but beautiful landscape has a lot to offer.

  • South African Light Observatory

    SALT is the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere and able to record distant stars and galaxies. Pre-book with Sutherland Tourism for a visit.

  • Augrabies Falls

    These beautiful falls are formed by the Orange River plummeting into a ravine. Hiking, mountain biking and canoeing eco-packages are offered in this alien landscape.

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    This typical Karoo town is a pleasant stop on the long drive between Joburg and Cape Town on the N1. Towerkop, its magic mountain, baffles drivers as it never seems to get any closer.

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    Kimberley - The Big Hole

    A frontier town in the semi-arid great Karoo that was reminiscent of the Wild West. It grew rapidly from 1867 when adventurers in the thousands converged upon Kimberley with the discovery of diamonds with picks, spades and axes in hand.  Kimberley also has “the big hole” known as the largest man made excavation in the world.  This little city is so full of history from its diamond mining hey days that it even has “the old part of town” which is very unusual in South Africa. It is now the capital of the Northern Cape Province and is a stop on the alternative N12 route between Johannesburg and Cape Town...

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