Lesotho is a rugged land of powerful mountains and mighty rivers. It sits entirely 1400m above sea level and from it's lofty perch flows the water of the Orange and Tugela rivers to nourish South Africa below. The Maloti Mountains, spurs of the Drakensberg, range from north to south. Attractions in Lesotho include the 200m Maletsunyane Falls near Semonkong. It is known as the 'Place of Smoke' and thrill seekers can now abseil into the gorge. Lesotho's gold is undeniably its water which it supplies to the dry South Africa. The flooded valleys of Katse Dam extend for 45km and the dam has a 185m high wall. It is a marvel to behold. The Morija Arts & Cultural Festival is held yearly in late September in the charming village of Morija. Dinosaur footprints are also be seen nearby. The main border posts are open 24 hours a day. Driving in Lesotho is mostly uncomplicated with a good network of road. Get advice about the duration of journeys and the state of dirt roads after heavy rains

What to see and do

  • Basotho culture

    The Basotho are passive people with an indomitable spirit. Most are subsistence farmers and their colourful woolen blankets and grass hats dot the fields. The Basotho are friendly and will welcome you into their homes.

  • Pony trekking

    The Basotho use sure-footed ponies and donkeys on treacherous mountain passes. Go on a pony trek for an authentic Lesotho experience. Most longer treks include overnight stays in remote Basoth villages.

  • Abseiling the Maletsunyane Falls

    Highest abseil in the world. Abseil along the 200m falls into the gorge.

  • Backpacker Accommodation in Lesotho

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